By playing the two-minute demo video, you can judge if XNurbs is the most powerful and easiest-to-use NURBS software ever developed.

XNurbs uses one simple UI to solve all kinds of problems for NURBS creations – It virtually has an unlimited capacity for solving NURBS and generating high-quality surfaces based on energy-minimization method. Its energy-minimization algorithm produces high-quality surfaces that are analogous to a physical model: when a wooden batten bends, it always assumes a shape that minimizes its bending energy to form a smooth curve.

There are numerous operations or scenarios how XNurbs could be used. Since it is impossible to demonstrate all of them, the followings are just some examples. From users’ viewpoint, all operations or scenarios are the same: users just select curves or points, XNurbs will generate the smoothest NURBS surfaces that satisfy all the inputted constraints.

Multiblending/Lofting with G2 Continuity

Y Lofting with G2 Continuity

Filling with G2 Continuity

Using one B-Spline for the model above (i.e., generating a surface from 12 curve constraints)

The demo video shows XNurbs’s capacity of generating high-quality surfaces based on energy-minimization method and it can be also used as a tutorial.

XNurbs Rhino Plugin is available.

For SolidWorks users, XNurbs solves the weakness SolidWorks has in surfacing: SolidWorks often creates dense UV surface patches with wobbly ripples. If you use XNurbs for those models, XNurbs should fix those problems. Also beyond the traditional surfacing methods, XNurbs provides new surfacing mode: Since XNurbs does not restrict how a surface can be generated, it enables users to design a surfaces with the mode that fits in their workflow most, e.g., the “Y Lofting” example above. (Except for very special cases, e.g., analytical surfaces, which include spheres, planes and cylinders etc., XNurbs is superior than traditional surfacing methods, i.e., it produces better results.)

Key Features:

  • Unlimited capacity for solving NURBS: Its optimization algorithm can solve virtually any NURBS surface on the fly (regardless of how complex the constraints are).
  • High-quality surfaces: Its optimization algorithm uses energy-minimization method to generate the smoothest NURBS surfaces that satisfy all the inputted constraints – this is why the surface quality generated by XNurbs is so good.
  • Easy-to-use: it uses one simple UI for all kinds of NURBS modeling.
  • Native CAD surfaces: XNurbs generates native CAD surfaces, i.e., trimmed/untrimmed NURBS surfaces, which can be directly used for any CAD modeling operations.